About logo design

We have recently added a few new logos to our portfolio so wanted to explain a bit more about our process. Like everything we produce they are designed from scratch – no templates or existing graphics are used. Everything is drawn by us so that what you end up with is a unique design.

We also like to give a range of options using different colours, fonts and styles we thought we’d share some examples of:









Our logo design service is only £40 – for more information get in contact!

New Website – Music One

Music One is a vinyl record and hi-fi equipment seller based in Abergavenny, South Wales. They wanted a new website with e-commerce ability to sell their products. The website is custom designed and built and run on WordPress using WooCommerce.



Visit Music One

New Website – WesTec BMS Solutions

We have recently completed work on a website and logo for WesTec BMS Solutions. It is a custom designed and built responsive ecommerce website run on WordPress and WooCommerce. They are a new company setup to supply products used in the Building Controls Industry.

We gave them a choice of logos based on the styles they requested:



Their final choice:


The website is a custom designed and built wordpress template designed to fit around the style of their logo.



Visit WesTec BMS Solutions




New Website – SPK Training

We have recently completed a recruitment website for SPK Training. The website features a full job board, CV submission forms, searchable candidate database and e-commerce functionality for payments. The site was custom designed and built and is also fully responsive.

We also designed their logo



The site runs on WordPress.


New website – DC Building Services

We’ve just completed work on a new website for a building services company based in Cardiff. DC Building Services required a new logo and website to help increase their business.

We offered them a selection of different logo designs:



Once they had decided on the logo we created a website design to fit in with the style:

Visit DC Building Services Cardiff

Site mostly there

We’ve been busy the last couple of weeks with designing and building our new website. It’s not 100% finished or tested – I can still think of at least a dozen other bits I want to add or tweak.

We wanted to get things up and running as quickly as possible so we could start work on our social media presence and make a start on the site’s SEO – something that can takes ages to get results.

The site has been well tested with different desktop browsers but I know the mobile/tablet views still need some work so you’ll have to bear with us a bit there but hopefully it’ll be sorted by next week. We’ve got client work getting in the way of finishing things here – not that we’re complaining about that.

Anyway follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook we’d really appreciate it!

Hello world!

Welcome to our new website – we are still undergoing testing so there may be bugs!